Director of Game Design

About Us

Chess is the undisputed king of games enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It hasn’t changed much in more than 1000 years. That is the magic of it. And yet, modern gaming has evolved a lot, and there are great elements of the broader gaming ecosystem that have yet to be applied to chess! 

About You

You love the meta! You dream of how to engage, inspire, and motivate players to be their best. Your job is to preserve the greatness of chess while bolstering the experience with the fun elements that help motivate and engage players: leveling, progress systems, goals, achievements, etc.

What You’ll Do

  • Design new meta around the game of chess to improve user delight and engagement

  • Create, test, measure, and tune mechanics such as player progression and game economies

  • Break gameplay design down into sustainable systems and articulate and document them

  • Understand and work within system constraints to deliver engaging experience loops

  • Work with artists, engineers, animators and audio experts to bring designs to life

  • Constantly iterate on mechanics and systems based on user feedback and analyticsStay current on industry trends as it relates to modern system’s design

  • Preserve and honor everything that makes chess awesome

Preferred Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of game design theory and principles

  • Proven experience creating, implementing, and improving game design systems

  • 5+ years of game design experience at a gaming studio / company

  • Experience building apps with 1M+ active users

  • Deep love and respect for chess

  • Lifelong learner

About the Opportunity

  • This is a full-time position

  • We are 100% remote (work from anywhere!)

  • This is open to applicants who can work in the USA

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