Developer Experience Engineer

About Us is the #1 place on the internet to play chess and improve your game.  We have 70+ million members in 195 countries and appear in 70+ languages.  We are looking for a Build & Deploy Engineer to support developer experience for 100+ engineers.  In this role you will use architectural design skills to implement developer tools and CI/CD capabilities. We have a culture of learning and collaboration and we’re excited to support your growth and development!

About You

You care about Developer Experience, aiming to always improve the workflows of other developers by making things simpler and quicker. You care about documentation, ensuring that the tools you create enable the next developer to easily build on top of what you’ve started. You are humble with a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously.  You have been working in or dreamed of working in the gaming industry and are ready to turn your talents towards chess!

What You’ll Do

  • Work on internal tooling that is used by our developers everyday
  • Build custom systems, workflows, and automations to help improve the Developer Experience of several teams, deployment processes, etc.
  • Aim to improve CI/CD workflows by making them faster and maintaining their tooling as the scale of the project grows
  • Maintain front-end dependencies by keeping tools up-to-date and routinely resolve security vulnerabilities 

Preferred Skills

  • Proficiency in using TypeScript with ES6+ features (async/await, Promises, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge of Node.js and its native modules, knowing that you don’t need need an npm package for every single operation
  • Proficiency in front-end module bundlers, including webpack + rollup, being able to create custom plugins/loaders when necessary
  • Basic knowledge of AST manipulation, being able to write custom Babel transformations or custom ESLint rules 
  • Excellent understanding of CI/CD pipelines using CircleCI, Jenkins, GitHub Actions
  • Understanding of great CLI design, ensuring the user can intuitively comprehend what’s happening under the hood
  • Familiarity in working with containers and cloud technology such as Docker, K8S, and GCP
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Chess player
  • Lifelong learner

About the Opportunity

  • This is a full time or equivalent position
  • We are 100% remote (work from anywhere!)
  • This is open to applicants in United States or Canada

You can learn more about us here:


We look forward to meeting you!